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The Caribbean Sea, “very good option” for the agencies before hotel full house of Spain

It was doing years that the agencies they did not have to face to a situation like that, a hotel full house on the coasts and Spanish islands in summer that threatens to make them lose tens sales if they are not capable of offering other alternatives to its clients and that also fit to its budgets.

In this sense, the retailers consulted for bet for the Caribbean Sea like alternative destination since, as there remember Ceus and Trips Excelsior, in not little occasions it is cheaper that to travel to certain Spanish areas like the Costa del Sol or Balearics. “We will try to relocate inside the budget that the client handles, being a very good option the Caribbean Sea”, there details Miriam Garrido, director of the latter agency.

The information completes on the attractive thing that the Caribbean Sea proves like alternative for the agencies before the increase of the tourist demand in Spain next summer in

It was sending spear application PartnerCentral in Spanish for its associates in the Caribbean Sea

Group Expedia, one of the agencies of trip in bigger line of the world, announced that the mobile application was Sending PartnerCentral (EPC), which originally was inaugurated in June, 2015, now it will be available for the hotel associates of the Caribbean Sea in several languages, including Spanish, French and Dutch from February 23, 2016.

The application EPC allows to the hotel associates to manage its business with Expedia in any moment and in any place. The information in real-time that offers the application helps the hotelkeepers to stay informed and competitive with information about the market; to read and to answer of immediate form to the comments of its guests; to keep up to date with the reservations, arrivals and cancellations.

As well as to move quickly the inventory of last moment with Sell Tonight; to help to increase the visibility of the hotel by means of the creation of specific promotions; to receive notifications with information of sensitive time; and to have the skill of gaining access to information quickly with the efficient and only login.

“To increase the value to our associates, the group Expedia invests constantly in new technologies them to help to provide with a better knowledge, service the client, and a demand increase to its hotels”, said Demetrius Canton, Product manager for the Caribbean Sea of Group Expedia. “We are always looking for ways of facilitating the way of using the information that we offer to our associates to create a better experience for its guests”.

Several associates of the group Expedia in the Caribbean Sea have already proved the application in version English and they are pleased with its time of rapid answer and easy handling, according to a bulletin of the agency.

“I am a frequent traveler and it had always to find a hotel in order to get connected to a computer and to realize changes in the Expedia web site. Thanks to the application, now I have only to look for a Wi-Fi point, get connected in the application, to do the changes and in a few minutes I am already in way again”, said Paul Graber, National Manager of Sales in Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St. Thomas.

While Sasha Cole, Manager of Marketing in the hotel Silver Point in Barbados, said “I have been using the application during a pair of months and it turns out to be very suitable when I am far from my office for a rapid examination of inventory and update of tariffs, as well as a rapid look to the daily activities of the property”.

“The rapid functions of the application allow me to detect tendencies and measure the yield of the hotels”, indicated Rachel Schnure, the Director of Market of Sales of Industry for Marriott Caribbean and Latin American Resorts. “Also I love the easy thing that is to alternate between several hotels”.

White top maintains leadership in Expedia demand in the Caribbean Sea

The Group Expedia, one of the agencies of bigger on-line trip of the world, revealed this week during Caribbean Travel Marketplace, organized by the CHTA, a growth of demand of 20 % year after year for the Caribbean Sea across the platforms of the company during the third trimester of 2015, with a significant growth brought across the Caribbean region.

The company also informs that White Top in the Republic Dominica remains like the Caribbean destination that more it produces for Expedia with a growth of 15 % in the third trimester of 2015 compared with the same time in 2014. Saint John in Puerto Rico (growth of almost 15 %); Aruba (growth of almost 30 %); and Montego Bay, Jamaica (growth of more than 10 %) continue like the markets of major demand in all the platforms of Group Expedia, according to a bulletin to which it has had access

It was sending it indicates that the main nourishing market keeps on being the United States for the Caribbean Sea with an almost 20 per cent brought growth. Other international markets that bring growth in the third trimester of 2015 compared with the same time in 2014 include: The United Kingdom, with growth of almost 45 %, Canada, with increase of almost 10 %, and France, with growth of more than 10 %.

During the third trimester of 2015, the company saw big demand increase in destinations of the oriental Caribbean Sea like Antigua, with almost 50 per cent growth. The Group Expedia also brings growth (year after year) during the third trimester of 2015 in Barbados, with increase of demand of more than 50 per cent; Virgin Isles of the USA (composed by the islands St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John) with increase of almost 25 per cent demand.

With base in the behavior of clients’ buy during the fourth trimester of 2015, searches to travel to The Bahamas in 2016 they have increased more than 70 per cent compared with the previous year. Three markets that more searches did for The Bahamas are the USA (with a 80 per cent increase year after year), Canada (with a 70 per cent increase year after year), and the United Kingdom (with a 80 per cent increase year after year).

“The Caribbean Sea is a market in very important constant growth for the Group Expedia with more than 2,700 hotel associates in the region, and more than 1,000 associations confirmed  “We are still focused in how we can support better our hotel associates and provide to them the aptitude to generate income and to increase the demand.”

The team of management of market of the Group Expedia takes part in the event of the most influential industry of the Caribbean Sea organized by the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Caribbean Sea, which carries out from January 21 until January 23, in Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

RD is promoted before more than 1,500 travel agents of Thomas Cook

The Office of Tourist Promotion (OPT) of the Department of Tourism in Germany, informed in “Travel Connexion”, in exhibition site Messe Frankfurt in this European city, with the target to keep on promoting the Dominican Republic like offer of long distance.
In this event organized by the prestigious group touroperador Thomas Cook Alemania there helped more than 1,500 travel agents of the distribution network of the said active tour, being present its three marks, Thomas Cook, Neckermann Reisen and Bucher Reisen, according to a bulletin sent to

Travel Connexion is the biggest conclave directed to the trade of the touroperador Thomas Cook, the most important second tourist group of Germany and equaling the second one more important for the Dominican Republic.

Perta Cross, director for Europe and the OPT of Germany, he emphasized the participation of the Dominican Republic and the big leading role that had the country between 1,500 travel agents assistants, who showed a big interest in the destination.

Cross showed, that this action is a report of the agreement of cooperation signed between the touroperador and the OPT of the Dominican Republic in Germany. The country took part of outstanding form in the said event with a stand of 20m2 and a privileged location, also, they were like co-exhibitors “Meliá Hotels” and “Majestic Resorts”.

Being the last one who sponsored in the frame of the event, the raffle of a demurrage for two persons for one week in the hotel “Majestic Colonial White Top” in the Dominican Republic.

The professionals of the tourism could taste rum Siboney and chocolates Sarotti done with cocoa 100 % Dominican as Dominican cigarettes in our stand of Mercedes Cigars prepared by a torcedor of handmade form.

They suggest to Dominicans to buy ticket of going and return to avoid high costs

The travel agency Quisqueya Tour exhorted to the Dominican travelers to buy the tickets of going and return, to avoid the high cost of only one passage, and criticized the excessive tax that the authorities load on the air ticket.

Before the complaints for the cost of the flights from the Dominican Republic, Plácido Rodríguez, owner and CEO of the agency, clarified to New York that the airlines are not the persons in charge, being the real price of the passages for 540 $ dollars, as he publishes the newspaper The New Newspaper.

“When a person is going to travel during the holidays of the students, he can buy a passage in advance and obtain it at a low price, but when it returns at the beginning of September realizes that he has to pay more than 600 dollars to return. If he had bought two tickets, that of return would have cost him less”, told Rodríguez.

Nevertheless, he declared that “but the passenger thinks that it was going to obtain it more economic to the return, but that is not true. It is due to the fact that the availability goes away to exhausting, because if the seats of a plane, they are sold, the prices are changing, for what we recommend to buy the tickets of going and return”.

The businessman remembered that he has always advocated a fall in the taxes to the air trips, “but no government has taken letters in this matter, and although it is an income way for the Dominican economy. It would be necessary to consider so that the travelers to the Dominican Republic should not suffer so much the scarcity”.

RD maintains leadership in demand of reservations of Expedia in the Caribbean Sea

The Dominican Republic keeps on leading the reservations across Group Expedia in the Caribbean Sea, after bringing a growth in the agency of on-line trip of 55 % in the first half of this 2015 compared to the same period of 2014, overcoming this way 50 % reached by Puerto Rico and Jamaica, respectively.
“The percentage of mobile reservations has been growing in almost quite the markets of Group Expedia, allowing the travelers to be able to do its reservations from the practicality

It was sending it indicates that different from other global markets of the company that normally is provided with reservations of the same day in mobile devices, most of the mobile buys in the Caribbean Sea happens between 31 – 60 days. This atypical term offers to the hotel associates the opportunity to make use of the mobile advanced technology of Group Expedia to manage the prices in advance and to guarantee ideal reservations.

“The technology of nowadays has revolutionized the way in which we carry on business. The innovative mobile applications of Group Expedia are designed to motivate the consumer to travel more, allowing him to glide and reserve trips of a flexible and suitable way”, affirmed Demetrius Canton, Product manager for the Caribbean Sea of Group Expedia. “Group Expedia shares its knowledge and experience to hotel associates to offer advices of how making use and to extract the biggest benefit of the mobile platforms, advising them to take part in exclusive promotions, “sales flash” and more. This way major opportunities are created, both for the consumer and for the hotelkeeper”.

Jonathan Valdez, executive manager of Income of Royal Resorts, has felt the benefits of these technological innovations first hand, saying “our association with Expedia has been a winning relation and in the last three years, our growth with them has been of double digits. The new technologies of Expedia, like its mobile page or mobile application, they have helped to do reservations more rapid, easy and sure for our guests, it points out the bulletin of the on-line company.

He adds that hotel associates as Bay Prince Hotel in the Dominican Republic have received significant results using the mobile platforms of Group Expedia. Making use of the powerful technology of Group Expedia and to promote mobile promotions, the mark has generated an almost 120 per cent growth in mobile reservations along the first half of 2015 compared with the same period of time of 2014.

“The technology is advancing quickly and we need to adapt ourselves to these new tendencies. Now we can manage an enormous number of activities in the daily life across the use of the mobile devices, and the planning of a few holidays is not an exception. Our business strategy has adapted itself to receive this public across dynamic actions, and like result, we have obtained a significant growth in the first two trimesters of the year, what partly owes to our association with Expedia”, there declared Ann Media, Manager of Ecommerce for the Americas of Bay Prince Hotel and Resorts.

It was sending he treads loudly in Dominican Republic: he estimates to grow 35 % in sales this year

After registering in 2014 an increase of 44 % in sales for the Dominican market, It was Sending, catalogued like the biggest on-line travel agency of the world, it keeps on maintaining this year good growth projections for Dominican Republic, its market leader in the region of the Caribbean Sea.
In interview with, Miriam Hernández, manager of area for the Caribbean Sea of Expedia, revealed that this year the agency estimates to reach a growth superior to 35 % on the Dominican market, considering its strategies to generate major sales in the different tourist poles of the country.

Hernández, who is native to Mexico, with more than three years residing in Dominican Republic where from he guides the Expedia bet for this market, mentioned that “we have already two offices in the country (Santo Domingo and White Top) and a team of management of markets that works face to face with the hotels”.

“The whole promotion that we are doing for the destination across our platform has done that Dominican Republic is the destination number one in demand for the Caribbean Sea”, said Miriam Hernández, who made accompany herself for also executives of Expedia, Marco Tagliatti and Demetrius Canton.

“We are an extremely innovative company in technology with investments in the development of mobile platforms that give to the client the possibility of reserving plane and hotel, in fact 80 % of our sale to White Top generates in bundles plane – hotel. The technology of the paqueteo is very suitable for the client”, said the manager of air of Expedia in the Caribbean Sea.

On having referred to Santo Domingo, Hernández emphasized that the Dominican capital is posicionado like an important business destination in the region, with arrival of important international chains.

Also, it valued the advance that has had the country in works of infrastructures, highlighting the Divided highway of the Coral that tunes in to Santo Domingo to White Top. It showed that if works of this magnitude are completed on the North Coast of the country “it would be brilliant”, to keep on facilitating the access to these tourist poles.

He added that they are giving a big impulse to the Port destination Silver, pole that according to Hernández, is provided with a big potential, but that needs to renew its tourist product, in order to become more attractive for the tourist.