Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send a product abroad?

We do not have shipping services that we manage only news package and articles of cultural interest do you have a customer service?

Of course! Our expedition team will be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to give you a unique experience

What is the format and publication period of news and articles?

The news and experiences are made weekly and online. Difucion of images and descraga of files of living experiences are not allowed.

How does the Web page work?

This website deals with topics related to culture, tourism cities enigmatic, sites of intres histories behind each city travel meals hostels.

Can the items be reproduced?  publishes articles and news to interconnect experiences, which are embodied in articles and news of cultural and social ineters, as they are the product of the work and intelligence of our friends expeditionary can not reproduce these, due To the copyright of its editors, much less should not result in total or partial printing.

How do I publish on this website?

The reception of these experiences is open continuously for all those people who want to write their stories and be very published weekly, you can contact us to send your written experience and so we can use it for publication. Logically we give all the credits as editor.

How can I be with you?

At any time if you wish you can write and fill our contact form described in one of our pages at the beginning, if you wish you can also leave us comments about that you have found this content or the other, which is your point of view, we are Open to you, we are leaders in feedback as a search engine of the world