Cordoba has coffee aroma, nostalgia for independence and sugar cane flavor

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If We did a survey to know what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cordoba, most likely you would answer Coffee, and that this municipality has earned a pulse to be synonymous with the most consumed beverage in the world (coffee).

But in Cordoba There are more things to brag about, beginning of course by the emblematic Museum of coffee, but it must also be noted that it is a fundamental part of the history of Mexico to be the place where the Treaties of Cordoba were signed, which on August 24, 1821 put F In to the war of Independence and recognized Mexico as an independent country. We Also have the Former hacienda of San Francisco Toxpan, which between the years 1700 and 1900 was an important sugar factory.

But What do you think we are going to know a little more in detail about the places to be missed when you pass through Cordoba?

The Streets of Cordoba
The recommendation is to begin the tour in Park May 21, named after the battle between realists and insurgents in 1821 that gave him the title of heroic city. This Is the Plaza de Armas that houses the last bust of Agustín de Iturbide in the country, who proclaimed the plan of Igualada and signed with the last viceroy of the New Spain, Juan O’Donojú, the Treaties that recognized Mexico as an independent nation of the monarchy Españ Ola, recognized as a controversial character to be declared a traitor to the fatherland for his ambitions of power.

To Soak Up More about the history of this historical passage, do not forget to visit the property that in its door has the name of “Hotel Zeballos”, place where the treaties were signed above, today become a place to taste the delicious Gastronomy Veracruz.

On the sides of the park are two historic buildings, on the one hand we have the municipal palace that nothing more on entering we will have the opportunity to admire the impressive mural “Córdoba Forever” by the artist Jaime Sánchez Nava in which are narrated graphically Important events of the city as the first settlers of the archaeological zone of Toxpan; Yanga, the first liberator of the slavery of America; The foundation of the city; The legend of the “mulatto Woman of Cordoba” and the Battle of Cordoba.
The other building worth visiting is the Cathedral of Cordoba in honor of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, founded in the 17TH century, and which highlight the bells made of copper iron brought from Mexico City.
If your time allows you to continue walking around the center, there are places that are worth visiting, such is the case of the promenade of the fountains on Street 1, a series of streams of water found in front and that when you drive its power form a kind of tunnel , that if you walk and continue like this for 900 meters, you will reach the archaeological zone of Cordoba.
In Addition, we suggest you visit the “San Miguel” Candle Factory, a family business that has gone through 4 generations for over 100 years, and that through a purely artisanal process it is possible to find candles of great quantity of designs. You find Them on Street 3 No. 320.
Founded in 2016 and located in the very center of the city, the Museum of Coffee is an enclosure that allows visitors to know the history, process and elaboration of coffee, as well as highlight the importance of Cordoba to be the first city in Mexico where it came and L Coffee Bean.
There Are guided tours on Tuesdays and Sundays at different times and the entrance fee is $50 pesos; In addition to having discounts for students, teachers and older adults.

The Museum has interactive rooms, digital kiosks, images, descriptions, furniture and typical tools of coffee producers, a sample farm, murals, tasting room, and cafeteria service.

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The experience is obligatory for lovers and not so lovers of coffee

because not only will you go out with vast knowledge about this drink, but you have the opportunity to taste some of the coffees that are prepared in the region.

Former Hacienda of San Francisco Toxpan
About 10 minutes to the east, starting from the center, we find the former hacienda of San Francisco Toxpan, the first sugar mill in Córdoba; Inside, it currently houses the National Museum of Cane “La Zafra”, and that had its origin as a need to enhance the cane, which together with coffee is one of the pillars of the economy Cordoba.
From the moment you arrive at Toxpan, a sensation transports you to the colonial era. The first thing that steals your attention is the huge cobbled courtyard with a main fountain from which you can appreciate imposing, the high chimney after the huge and heavy columns and arches, which in its good times exhaled enormous quantities of steam cane.

In the journey through the interior of the semi-destroyed walls, you will find old machines that were the fundamental pieces of the sugar mill.

The construction of the property dates from 1690, and for a time it worked as a sugar, panela and alcohol factory, concluding activities definitively in 1950.
And to finish… A special place to eat in Cordoba
The options in Cordoba to eat are multiple and with a quite pleasant taste, however this time we recommend you pass to the hotel Comfot Inn Cordoba located on Avenue 1 No. 2623, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich food in the Restaurant that is located there. But the experience goes beyond a time of rest and good taste, to go to what could cause in you the effect “wow”, as the facilities are surrounded by a wide natural area conditioned with striking paintings and elements that make it look Picturesque and surreal.


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