Discovering Teuchitlán

The first time we heard Teuchitlán, the image of a pyramid came to us. What a surprise we take to see the natural attractions offered by this town, in addition to the Guachimontones.
Teuchitlán is located approximately 60 km from Guadalajara, the duration of the trip was 1 hour with 10 minutes taking the highway Mexico 70. Fortunately, we visited the municipality in temporary rain, so the landscapes that offered us the way were spectacular.

Upon arriving at the municipality, we immediately feel part of the culture and tradition of this place.

The Central Area, just a few blocks from the entrance, went up to a colonial village. His Kiosk and his main temple left us in love.

Our first stop on this adventure was the Teuchitlán River. It Is only 3 blocks from the central square. We Remember perfectly how we received a pond full of frogs, it seemed symphonic concert!

The River Teuchitlán has a traffic refuge, in which besides walking to the side of the river, allows you to make family gatherings or romantic appointments. It’S really beautiful!

To Our surprise, we were informed that you could also do activities such as sport fishing and rafting. We Even witnessed how a teenage couple had a photo shoot on top of a raft. The best and most romantic scenery for a photograph.
At that time, our thought was “We have to live the whole experience!” so we rented a raft and started with the fun.
The cost of renting the raft was $30 for half an hour of use or $50 pesos for one hour. The person who attended us was very friendly at all times and explained in detail how to use the raft correctly, however, being our first time, it took 5 minutes circling, trying to take control of the raft. After our little slip, we started the tour.

The space of the river is not very wide, but it is enough to enter a perfectly balanced atmosphere of peace and fun.
We Ended Up with the adventure in Rio Teuchitlán and it was time to head to the main attraction of the municipality: Los Guachimontones.

CIRCULAR PYRAMIDS!, UFOS! RITUALS, our expectations were in the skies.

Before reaching the archaeological zone you must first go through the Interpretive Center Guachimontones. We Made 15 minutes of road taking Benito Juárez Street.

The cost of entry to the Guachimontones and Interpretive Center is $30 general admission and $15 with current student/teacher credential (if you are a student or teacher, do not forget to take your credential and show it).

The journey to Guachimontones must be done by walking, so in the parking of the Interpretive Center must leave the vehicle. Only people with a disability or elderly can climb the Guachimontones with a car.

This way he started our second adventure in the day.

In the Interpretive Center you can find all the information of the culture in Teuchitlán and all the finds that over the years have been discovered.

You Can request a free tour. They Will Show You A very interesting documentary, a tour of the facilities of the Interpretive Center, ending on the way to the Guachimontones.
What we loved most about the place are the different games and activities you can do to learn in a practical and fun way.

In the back of the Interpretive Center, we find a small path that led us to know a replica of the houses where the ancient inhabitants of Teuchitlán lived.
After feeling, literal, as at home, we head for the circular pyramids.

The Road to reach them is completely paved, that makes the transfer much easier, as it is uphill. It Took us 15 minutes to walk to get to the entrance to the pyramids.

The recommendation is to use sunscreen, bring water to stay hydrated and some cap or umbrella to protect from the sun. Although it is not a long walk, the sun and the inclination of the road can leave them exhausted.

During the trajectory of the pyramids, we find the first finding, a field where ball was played thousands of years ago.

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The excitement grew at that moment.

Our Adventure continued, the arrival at the pyramids was sweetened with some drums that immediately caught us in a mystical atmosphere. Our first task was to know where that music came from.
We get to the central pyramid, called The Iguana. Its Beautiful green color delighted us for several minutes. Just to the side of the pyramid we find the drums that we hear in our entry, it was several people dressed in traditional costumes and made a “clean” to the people who hire the service. It Was very special to hear and see the process.

Our Exploration continued to visit the small Guachimontones that are on the sides of “La Iguana”.
The mystical environment was maintained. With our imagination, we tried to visualize how our predecessors climbed into a tube at the top of the pyramid and performed their rituals in the pure style of the Flyers of panic, as they are known today.

We Continue with the road and we find a “viewpoint”, which allows us to see from the top of the place, the beautiful landscape that offers Teuchitlán.
To Our surprise, we were told that this “viewpoint” was really the largest pyramid in the place, but it is still hidden. His name is “The Great Guachi”. We were in shock at the time, we were standing in the largest circular pyramid in the entire area and we were not aware of it.

After that news, our journey through the Guachimontones was over, but not our adventure.

Our Tour continued with a visit to a restaurant in the center of town. The food was pretty good and at a very affordable price. Per person we spend $50 with drink included. This property is located one block from the main square by Hilarion Romero Gil Street.
The next point that we set out to visit was the Laguna “La Vega” which is located on the other side of the entrance to Teuchitlán.

This Lagoon left us with a bittersweet taste, since to be able to enjoy its attractiveness, one must eat in a seafood restaurants located on the shores of the lagoon.

Prices in these restaurants range from $100 to $200 per person.

We Expected to see a traffic refuge but we never found it. It Was in this way that ended with the mysticism of Teuchitlán that left us many teachings and adventures beyond the Pyramids.

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