Ecological Park La Planta: A magical place of alternative tourism in Mexico

We Know that the tourism industry is evolving day by day. In This evolution it is interesting to note that the destinations of Sol and Playa are beginning to be displaced by places focused on Alternative Tourism, which as we know refers to the realization of various activities in full contact with nature, We are divided into three categories according to the Federal Tourism Secretariat of Mexico SECTUR (2002), defined by Vicente Ferreyra (2012) as:
Ecotourism: The trips that are intended to carry out recreational activities of appreciation and knowledge of nature through contact with it.
Adventure Tourism: The trips that are intended to carry out recreational activities, associated to challenges imposed by nature, divided into three types of activities: land, water and air.
Rural Tourism: The trips that are intended to carry out activities of coexistence with the rural community.
Each of these modalities have specific activities that distinguish them, but can You imagine finding everything in one place? It’s possible!

In the State of Michoacán is a beautiful place called Ecological Park The Plant. It is a Center of Education and Environmental Culture that is located in a natural area of 20 hectares. There We offer excursions and environmental camps to organized groups, we live a unique experience and different to any other type of camp or visits of the day, because all the dynamics follow the line of Non-Formal Environmental Education and pursues the Purpose of generating awareness in visitors about the importance of care and protection of the environment. IT fosters coexistence, awareness, personal and collective challenges.
The Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) credited it as an Environmental Education Center with Quality Certificate, result of the promotion and dissemination of alternatives of community development, compatible with the conservation, preservation and Environmental protection aimed at sustainable development.

At The Plant You learn as you have fun with a wide range of dynamics, courses and workshops and are able to concretize activities of the three categories of Alternative Tourism:


Interpretative Hiking
Hike on the River
Elaboration of Adobe and Compost
Observation of flora and fauna
Observation of fossils
Environmental education Workshops
Adventure Tourism

Hanging bridges and zip-line Area
Challenge Zone
Mountain biKing
Mini Rapel
Rural Tourism

Artisan Workshops
Gourmet Workshops

The reason for the trip of the tourist according to Morillo (2011) goes from being only of leisure and rest to a learning acquired during the stay. Well, this charming place allows precisely this generation of knowledge. As the day goes by and you begin to live different dynamics in the natural scenario you understand the importance of the conservation of the natural space for our environment.
As an added value, the Ecological Park The Plant works in your entirety with Ecotecnias (environmentally friendly technologies) that help to reduce the environmental impact, in total are 10:

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1. Dry Ecological Baths

They Do Not use water, i.e. they allow to save between 8 and 10 litres of water each time they are used. In Addition, the separation of liquids and solids allows the use of its components. Thus, it is generated on the one hand fertilizer and by the other compost of tourist.

2. Solar Heater

The energy of the sun Is used to heat the water to bathe in the camps.

3. Treatment of Grey Water

Organic soaps Are used to allow a better functioning of four biological pools where the water is going to go through each of them containing tezontles and sand that allows its cleanliness to reach a last one with lilies and papyrus that They end up leaving the water in a position to be reused.

4. Rainwater Capture

It Allows to collect the water that precipitates from the rain, to store it and to use it for domestic uses, and forestry activities.

5. Compost

Organic matter Is reused to create a nutrient-rich soil that is used as compost for plants and trees returning health to the soil.

6. Lorena Stove

Mud and sand Stove that saves firewood (traditional fuel and extensive use in rural communities) to heat 4 hotplates at the same time.

7. Adobe

Several of the constructions are of adobe made there with Earth, straw and excrement. It Is A thermal material that allows to have warmth in winter and freshness in summer.

8. Photovoltaic

They Take Advantage of the energy of the sun to transform it into electrical energy.

9. Solar Dehydrator

Take Advantage of solar radiation to heat the air and thus remove water from products such as: fruits, vegetables, seeds and meats.

10. Terraiglúes

They’Re The biggest ecotecnia in the whole park. Each one is decorated inside in a unique way, with images that represent each of the realms of life in a surprising way. Made with recycled limestone material, these immense domes are thermal, store the heat of the sun throughout the day, providing a warm atmosphere inside during the evenings.

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