Hidalgo presents “Xantolo Magico”, a Mexican tradition

One of the most important dates in our country and that shows our culture and tradition is the celebration of the day of the dead, a time when Mexico shines to the world exhibiting its great variety of gastronomic and full of art to create beautiful altars with Cempoalxochi TL and typical dishes from each region, without forgetting, the representation of colourful singing that dance to the beat of the violin and the guitar, that is why, through the Government of Hidalgo and the Ministry of Tourism of the state was released in press conference Xantolo Ma Magical, celebration of the Day of the dead in order to promote the celebrations and traditions of the state, which enriches the offer of Mexican tourism. The event took place in the lobby of the Silver Drop Auditorium last Tuesday.
It Is very important to keep our traditions alive, and shows that in Hidalgo all the municipalities that make it, continue to nurture this magnificent celebration full of magic, colors and flavors.

“This celebration undoubtedly attracts the attention of both national and foreign tourists, who are attracted by the various activities during the ceremony such as dances, beautiful offerings, parades and ceremonies that the natives They organize with love for their deceased “mentioned the Secretary of Tourism of Hidalgo, Dr. Eduardo Baños Gómez.

“We Want all travellers both domestic and foreign; Venture to live our most traditional celebration and famous for its extension, the Xantolo or MIJKAILHUITL, is one of the most important traditions of the Huasteca as it preserves the most important traits of our pre-Hispanic tradition, explained the Secretary of Hidalgo Tourism.
It Should be noted that this ceremony lasts about 6 months, being one of the longest events to celebrate and live the death. The Xantolo begins on June 30 with the field of the flower of Cempoalxochitl, the purchase of fattening animals (hens, chickens, turkeys and pigs) that will be offered to the deceased from 30 October and culminates until November 30 between dances , parades, singing and ceremonies.

It is Not enough to know about our tradition, or to hear about the Xantolo, you have to feel the magic that offer the small plates of clay, the baskets of Liana or Carrizo, as well as to know the taste of its sweets, the bread of dead and the delicious dishes of the region , not forgetting the scents that emerge from the petals of red, yellow and orange flowers that adorn the path that our loved ones must follow to meet with us again, and above all, we have to continue preserving this great culture, ended the Secretary of Tourism of Hidalgo Dr. Eduardo Baños Gómez.

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Discovering Guadalupe Valley

Just 2 hours from Guadalajara you will find Valle de Guadalupe, a municipality in Jalisco that stands out for its beautiful postcards, natural surroundings and traditional culture.
To reach this mythical municipality there are two options: (1) Autopista Lagos de Moreno-Guadalajara 80D – 1 hour 30 minutes walk; (2) Free Highway Mexico 80 – 2 hours of travel.

From the first contact with Valle de Guadalupe you are in love. The entrance to the municipality is made up of a Malecon, followed by a bridge to the pure style of San Francisco from which you have an excellent view of the Guadalupe Chapel River.

Our Adventure began at the Cultural Center Valle de Guadalupe, a space dedicated to art and culture where we constantly present various exhibitions of all kinds.

In Addition, this place has an auditorium and a sports space where the most important events of the municipality are held.

Next To The Cultural Center we find a very nice and quiet Walker, which has benches so you can enjoy this view as long as you want, sit down to talk with friends, family and even have a romantic date.
Continuing our adventure, just 2 blocks from the main square.

The first thing we saw was a small kiosk that can not be missed in any municipality and the commemorative letters: “Valle de Guadalupe”, ideal to take a souvenir photograph and upload it to social networks.
On one side is the House of Stagecoaches, an enclosure that was of utmost importance during the Cristero stage. It was home to the believers who traveled to Guadalajara and is currently a school. The Facha of the place is quite beautiful and it keeps many architectural details of the EIGHTEENTH century.
Important to mention that a diligent is a person who puts a lot of interest and speed into the realization of an obligation, in this case focused on religion.
Opposite we find the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe and behind the Municipal palace, no doubt two places that must be seen and observed in detail to admire its construction.
We realized that the tour to the main places in the center of the town is very simple, as they are very close to each other.

Thanks to our previous research, we knew that part of the natural surroundings were a few minutes away from the village, near the Salto Dam.

It Was time to head to that place.

There Are two ways to get to the Dam. One of them is paved, it is in the entrance of the village before passing the river.

Unfortunately at that time we did not know and we took another more complicated road of dirt: The street Castle of the Eagle.

We suggest you to see the map that we prepare for you, with the destinations that we visited marked.

Along the way, there are times when you can appreciate the prey from afar and gradually realize how you’re getting closer

The time we made to get to The “El Salto” EcoTourism Park is 40 minutes.

This Park has many activities that can be done with family.

Highlight The boat trip, sport fishing, camping, playground for children, meeting area, barbecue, parties and is a space to swim.

The cost of admission was $20 per person and each of the activities (except the meeting and roasted meat area) has a cost that can be consulted at the entrance of the parking lot.

After a little break, we decided to continue to the attraction that we were expecting more: the waterfall.

The deviation to this beautiful place is located in front of the park, the first part of the road is paved, the second part is of dirt.

There are No official signs indicating the path, only an arrow painted on a small white column and a path between pines as a reference.

After The Pine Road you will find a gate, turn left and continue until you reach the waterfall.

It Was Another shocking moment for us. It Was a lot of water that expelled, besides the height that had, 19 meters to be exact, and how close you could be, were the detonators of our astonishment.
People can go to the side to take pictures, but YOU HAVE to be VERY CAREFUL, because it has no protection and in an oversight can happen an accident.

We Spent a few minutes contemplating this natural gift, we took many pictures and toured the whole site, we also took advantage to get some air, rest and enlist for our last point to go.

Our next point was the dam “The Jump”

On This occasion, we continue along the main road that passes to the side of the EcoTourism Park. The road becomes unpaved advanced some meters.

It Took 5 minutes to get to the lookout, it was an awesome experience. The amount of water and the speed it had left us shocked. In Addition to the dam, we have a nice view of the natural environment.
The Adventure ended in this place, after all the tour we did, all the scenery and surprises we got on this occasion we just have to ask what adventures await us?

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