Leon will be the first destination for shopping tourism in Mexico

The City of León, Guanajuato and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will develop in Mexico the first shopping tourism project, which serves as an international reference point and shows in the main forums in the field.
This, after the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization held in Medellín, Colombia, in September 2015, Guanajuato expressed its interest in being one of the destinations for developing a project on shopping tourism.

According to the international agency, León, a city recognized as the capital of footwear, was the selected destination because 27 percent of its tourists visit the city to go to buy leather products or synthetic material such as shoes, bags, Wallets, car liners, many more.

This is how a few days ago an agreement was signed to work on the project that will help Leon to develop innovative shopping tourism offers that link the public and private sectors and highlight the attractions and products of the destination.
Gloria Magaly Cano de la Fuente, director General of Hospitality and Tourism of León, Guanajuato, reported that in December a team of UNWTO researchers will arrive in the city to start with the workshops of the project that will take place for nine months.

In an interview with Notimex, the local official said that in these tasks will participate commercial centers, as well as vendors of the Historical Center and the Skin Area, with the intention of professionalizing the segment to have the high standards of service.

“In The tourist issue, the theme of shopping is within the three main reasons for visiting Leon. The supply of establishments has diversified, there start to be many outlets, local developers, entrepreneurs, “he said.

He Added that the issue of leather and footwear transcends beyond only shoes, as it begins to grow the production of accessories, clothing, automotive, aeronautics and diversifying all this industry.

“It is a great pride For us to come to formally initiate these works in December. They Come to study a number of topics to help us define the most appropriate strategy that rescues local identity but that is with global trends, not only in tastes and preferences but in service standards, “Cano de la Fuente said.

He Pointed out that once the project has been completed, it has to be put in place to promote tourism in a more comprehensive way.

“The fact that we are working with UNWTO gives us a lot of benefits: first, you are part of a network of cities that are working on prototypes or business models with a specific topic, for example, right now Medellin is working something similar; On the other hand, developing these issues become case studies that in UNWTO seminars and Congresses will be able to have a different Lion projection, “he said.

Cano de la Fuente also said that with this project Leon seeks to be an innovative tourist destination in all subjects, which knows how to attract talent, how to establish strategic alliances to continue growing in innovation issues, because these kinds of issues are Investments.

“It Is a very relevant issue because we would be the first city in the country, the city that would be representing Mexico to the UNWTO on a shopping tourism issue,” he concluded.

Tourist Panorama for Mexico in 2019

Once a new political regime has begun, because at this time it has already initiated a new regime from the first of July of this 2018; A segmented opinion and feel public, are leaving record of what should, can and will be the future of Mexico in all its aspects and issues. Tourism is no exception.
The period of the virtual President AMLO before taking possession on the first of December has strategically placed 2 issues that have polarized certain segments of Mexican society and both have to do directly with the tourist area: I mean the mega Projects like the now-misaccomplished New Mexico City International Airport and the so-called Mayan Train.

Despite all the political turmoil that these issues have caused and will continue to cause exogenous situations to tourism, is a great goal for it, because it generates high expectations for the industry debate and public scrutiny, which let us see a great truth : The infrastructure that potencialice and improve the internal and external mobility of Travellers in the Mexican territory Will Be strengthened. Is This enough?, I do not think, however it has a strong symbolic charge that a federal administration initiate activities with such projects, for two of the main tourism development poles, Mexico City and the Mayan zone in the southeastern Mexican.
Both projects, as all projects have their pros and cons, their promoters and detractors, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, however, I affirm that, if the development of these projects is carried out within high Standards of quality and productivity, but especially under the premise of sustainability, these will be a resounding success for the government, for the tourism industry and for Mexico as a whole.

Both macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions are relatively stable for the country, in fact, in my perception they are slightly favorable and with the conditions for improving indicators, coupled with the consolidation and stability of International markets allow us to glimpse a favorable climate for the industry in our country. The risks of extreme conditions are minimal.

The various environmental phenomena and possible catastrophes must be managed in time and form according to the situation that is present, as has been so far the response and that has brought us favorable results or at least those stages are overcome with diligence Thanks to our ingrained culture of civil protection and our recognized sense of social solidarity for our connationals in disgrace.

Public insecurity seems to be the negative critical element that breaks with the Mexican tourist bonanza in the coming times. Government initiatives in combating corruption, public safety and decriminalization of marijuana for recreational purposes that the new regime has presented have sufficient elements to cimbrene the criminal structures and Criminal organizations, what can be supposed will have a positive effect for the development of the tourist activities, even generating a new niche of tourist market generated by the cannabis consumption.

Although Mexico will remain highly competitive in the international sector, the indicators can be maintained and even reduced in some areas given the conditions and advantages that allowed our country to outdo to historical positions in the Various world rankings. What obliges and commits us to continue redoubling efforts, implementing improvements and strategies that of quality and sustainable for that tourism, remain the guiding axis of the national and human development in our Mexico for at least the next six-term and to continue Being part of the international tourist elite.

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