Saint Christopher of the Houses: The axis to know Chiapas

Many times it happens that when embarking on a trip to a particular region or area, we ask ourselves: In which town or city would be ideal to base and travel all that we have to know? From This review I hope to clear your doubts about the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. The City to settle down and to make base a few days or weeks is indeed San Cristobal of the Houses.

San Cristóbal is, apart from the third population as the largest demographic density in the area, a town with a village soul. From its privileged location, San Cristóbal offers us the possibility to access several of the jewels of the state of Chiapas but to all, since being an important head of the district has a greater hotel infrastructure (with various proposals according to the Budget that you drive) and therefore enjoys better and varied offers for sightseeing.

It is vitally important to travel the city center in search of the best offers in terms of tours and excursions, although almost all agencies handle the same tariff, it is important to look for the option that closer to what we really look for.

It Is a city with a high degree of religious constructions given its history. San Cristóbal de las Casas apart from being one of the first cities built in North America, has changed its name 10 times in less than a century! It Is The epicenter of multiple cultures originating in the area and has more than interesting gastronomy.

But without getting lost in details, that surely observe once there or that I hope at least, and as promised at the beginning of the text, I propose that we see together the areas that can be explored leaving San Cristobal de las Casas:
One of the main attractions not only of San Cristóbal but also of Chiapas, less than an hour of our chosen epicenter, gives the possibility to know a little more about the culture of the area, its history (sadly and as in all the American continent has to To do with the extermination of the original man at the hands of the Spaniards) and to make a great boat ride through the canyon. The possibility of seeing crocodiles, alligators and monkeys, among hundreds of birds makes the ride much more interesting. Important to wear sunglasses, sunscreen and water to hydrate.

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Lagunas de Montebello National Park

No doubt, one of the jewels of Chiapas. To The south end and attached to the border with Guatemala lies this natural complex of Lagos. Thousands of tourist proposals can be found on the shores of its lakes, from oars, kayak, trekking, among others. No doubt a place you should visit.

Many of these excursions can be hired on tour and based on my experience, it is much more comfortable in almost all of them, hire them by some tour operator. Since we include within their packs, transportation (which is vital, many of the natural attractions are extended distances from each other, which makes this proposals of tours something very practical), the entrance to parks and reserves, and in some cases Depending on our luck, drivers with enough charisma to inform us about the place we are visiting.
The Chiflón Waterfall
In that plan I knew: The waterfall of the Chiflón, which is incredible by its context. A desolate and completely arid valley surrounds it. The Cascade from its entrance to its peak demands an escalation of not less than an hour. There Are zip lines for the descent, but its exorbitant price of 300 Mexican pesos the stretch (has three sections) let me out of the fun that would be down this fast.
This Waterfall instead has a perfect plain to be able to rest at the side of its waters that hover between turquoise and blue. The Miracle of Nature remains just as surprising. The Sun seeps between the vegetation and the streams of the river can make us play a bad pass, so to be careful when bathing.
Misol-Há Waterfall
Of The three waterfalls, the most dimensioned in dimensions is no doubt Misol-Há. However it is the only one that gives you access to a small grotto where inside the mountain you can see everything that happens in the sun. Inside The caves return Murciégalos and waterfalls are formed, as if the cascade did not have enough.

Knowing only what is stated in this review can take you 3 to 4 days. Everything depends always on the pace of travel you have, your limitations on budget or days too. I consider for this and many other things more to San Cristóbal of the Houses as the perfect axis to know the beautiful state of Chiapas.

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