Tierra de Peña: The Art of making wine

The state of Queretaro has been recognized and awarded for its many famous vineyards; With a privileged geographical location we find an established route that has been the work of years by the wine houses and their producers to promote this tradition.

On This occasion we visited the vineyard “Tierra de Peña” who has called particularly our attention by the way of making wine because they bet to do it in a the care and preservation of the land that is noticeable in the effort they have put in each harvest and that they have called their vineyard as “Agro-ecological”.

Located on the road to Bernal-Ezequiel Montes, get to Tierra de Peña is an adventure that will leave you with a great taste of mouth. The route begins on entering the small path located on the KM3 Road to the vineyard; From that moment you can feel the natural environment and see with great majesty in the distance the well-known Peña de Bernal.
Olivia Hernández is our hostess who welcomes us with great kindness and warmth; She explains that along its seven hectares there are varieties that range from Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah and varieties of white wine. While The tour is guided we can enjoy the incredible warm climate characteristic of the region and that tells us our hostess is perfect for the harvest of the vine.

At all times shows us that the way to make wine in Tierra de Peña is “Al natural” taking care of every aspect that goes from how the Earth is composed, its way of being fertilized, the growth of the grape, the harvest and production; He says that once the grape variety has been harvested, it rests for eight months in a French oak barrel and it is there that the desired notes like vanilla, leather, etc. are added. These last notes, together with the care of the earth and the grape variety is what gives character to the harvest they produce.
The varieties that share us of their most recent harvest are a delicious Merlot that as we said is a soft wine, ideal to accompany a talk, and a Cabernet with a strong character and not very dry, ideal for a good cut of meat. It Particularly draws my attention to the sealing of the bottle that is with wax as it was traditionally done, which shows the distinctive characteristic of making a wine in a handmade way.

An essential detail to mention is the label, which I commented is designed by a Queretano artist which seeks to promote talent and give this hallmark to his brand giving him a great personality.

It’S Olivia who shows me how to taste her wines; He says that the uncork a wine is asleep and to appreciate all its forms the first thing to consider is his breathing. This means that at the moment of serving it is necessary to give a few seconds to breathe, in this way the wine releases its aromas and you can appreciate its flavor; In Merlot you can appreciate the notes of BlackBerry and the taste of the oak in the Cabernet. As A scoop He shows me his sparkling wine which is about to finish his packaging process and put into circulation.

A real experience to feel the effervescence and its soft notes. All this accompanied by an incredible view to the Peña de Bernal which is a beautiful postcard that I take advantage of as well as its visitors for the so mentioned photo of the memory. He tells Me that his tours can include a small tasting or cheese service as used in the vineyards of the region. Guided Tours to know the winemaking, special services with attention to groups and weddings are part of the charm that this vineyard has for its visitors.

A beautiful view while I make a wine tasting in a beautiful natural environment, What more can I ask! No doubt “Tierra de Peña” is a place to visit when you take the route “Cheese, Wine and art” in Queretaro.

SECTUR Hidalgo launches “Marry Me”, Campaign for Lovers

Hidalgo is characterized by its beautiful landscapes and the diversity of activities that it has to offer to the tourists, without forgetting that its rich gastronomy, culture, bioparks, magical Towns, rivers, lakes, haciendas, temples and spas are its best letter of Presentation, as each corner captivates different audiences ranging from the youngest to the adults.
Thinking About This diversity, the Governor of the State of Hidalgo Lic. Omar Fayad Meneses and the Secretary of state tourism Dr. Eduardo Baños Gómez launched the program Marry me, this event took place in Mexico City last Thursday at the Museum of Memory and Tolerance. The objective of the event was to present the different destinations offered by the state to make a dream wedding.

The program “Marry Me” seeks to attract another sector of the Mexican population as abroad, also aims to make known the variety of corners of the state, as well as share their best gastronomic dishes and beautiful landscapes.

“We Want Our lovers to have an unforgettable wedding in the best corners of the state of Hidalgo. In Addition, visiting a hacienda is discovering Mexico, knowing its history and tradition, and this also allows us to activate the economy in our state, “said the Secretary of tourism, Dr. Eduardo Baños Gómez.
It Is Worth mentioning that the tourism of romance in Mexico stands out for being participates of more than 47500 weddings a year, in addition, the Secretary of tourism mentioned that with the campaign “Marry with Me” also aims to strengthen the brand of Hidalgo Magic to make known its Magical Villages and flavored Villages; Not forgetting that all the effort will allow more Hidalgo to get a job because of the economic spill that will attract this program.

are some of the municipalities of Hidalgo that preserve cathedrals and haciendas with more than 400 years old, it should be noted that Its large gardens, gates and lakes impressively adorn any social event.

The Tourism of our state is fantastic and we are very proud of it, so also in November the state of Hidalgo will receive a recognition for its activity of responsible tourism, so do not forget to visit and especially enjoy our corners “, The state Secretary of Tourism concluded.

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