Who we are

Dear Friends of mine Companions of life Companions of voyage expedition travellers by nature me complece much to be able to create this web site based on Expiencias lived products of family trips, in which one day I sat in front of my computer and Without having idea of web pages, I began to write stories destinations cultures facts and situations of the most magical places of the world.

The fact that from the 17 years I left the house and went out to know the world is the most enriching experience I have ever had, each of the languages learned meals places enigmatic surprising characters I’m inclined to compose a series of fascinating articles.

Everything was in my head until my best friend I incentive to translate all that world known through a website, so that my friends my acquaintances my fellow travelers and staff with adventurous soul as I can know and interact experiences lived by me and my companions.

It is so sorpendente to observe how beautiful nature landscapes are, to appreciate life from the creation of a small ant carrying a world of knowledge and adventures.

So I feel, I want to infect people with my adventurous life; Full of colors of variety of shoal, of incessant snow, of insatiable brill of light incandesente that my eyes and my senses have been able to capture in each one of these stories that I have planeted with love, I hope to continue nourishing your green ecological spirit and of defying tea.
Animate and encourage me to continue writing this book of Adventures embodied in the website